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SmartNav 4 Dear SmartNav Community,

Since the release of SmartNav 4, NaturalPoint has been working diligently to keep up with demand for the latest version of our hands-free mouse. SmartNav 4 has been enthusiastically received and we look forward to bringing our technology to more users every day.

As a service to our customer base, we are excited to provide you with a bi-monthly newsletter which will include topical information for both the ergonomic and disability community.

Trade-In and Trade-up
We have received rave reviews from our customers who have traded-in and traded-up. If you have not received your upgrade discount, contact us with your serial number and we will be happy to explain the details and present you with a price quote.

ErgoClick Special Accessory Offer
If you are still searching for the best way to click, you haven't tried ErgoClick! By using the palm of your hand, ErgoClick allows the tendons in your wrist and fingers to relax. Imagine your wrist pain vanishing by simply shifting mouse clicking traditionally generated from your fingers to the palm of your hand. Use this 3-action USB palm switch with your SmartNav for complete computer control.

[ Receive $10 off of your ErgoClick during the month of April ]

Featured SmartNav User
NaturalPoint regularly receives uplifting stories from SmartNav users. 30-year-old Josh Winheld's story is one of these. Diagnosed with Duchenne muscular dystrophy at age four, Josh has been in a motorized wheelchair since age 10 and ventilator dependent for nearly six years. Worth the Ride by Josh
Winheld Currently writing his graduate thesis on access and celebrating his recently published memoir, Worth the Ride: My Journey with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy; Josh is an inspiration to all of us. Worth the Ride is a guide for families struggling with DMD and is a celebration of the human spirit. Learn more about Josh and how to purchase his book at Winheld's World.

Florida Needs Our Support!
Stories of families struggling to receive disability services are far too common. The state of Florida currently has over 15,000 people with developmental disabilities waiting to receive community services, such as adult training programs, job placement, and supportive housing. While there are other states with waiting lists, Florida currently shows few signs of improvement and is a glaring example of what can happen within any state. Learn how your voice can help at

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