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New SmartNav Software
We are happy to announce that a new release of the SmartNav software is available. Improve your experience with SmartNav 3 or 4 by downloading this free software upgrade. Version 3.20.035 will specifically benefit users with slow head movement or occasional spasticity. Download the update and learn more about additional changes on our website.

SmartNav 4 + Voice Clicking Trade-up Special Offer
Have you upgraded to SmartNav 4 yet? Trade-up during the month of August and receive 52 Extra Dots and SmartNav's Voice Click Software at no extra cost.* Contact us to receive your upgrade discount and experience more precise tracking, improved light filtering, and sleek new hardware.
* Direct purchases only

Sip & Puff Switch SmartNav and Sip & Puff
NaturalPoint has partnered with Broadened Horizons to create a solution for users interested in using a sip & puff switch with their SmartNav. Learn more about how you can use your SmartNav with a sip & puff switch and other adaptable switches.

Featured Organization: Voice for Joanie
After watching her longtime friend progress through the stages of ALS, Shirley Fredlund founded Voice for Joanie, a non-profit organization providing assistive technology to people with ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease). Now after almost twenty years, this Connecticut-based group of dedicated volunteers has helped provide a means of communication to over 600 people. Visit VFJ's website and watch donation recipients giving thanks for their improved quality of life, granted through assistive technology.

SmartNav Software Gravity Tab August SmartNav Tip

Gravity – What is it?
SmartNav's software includes a variety of helpful features, which together create a fully customized system. The Gravity feature allows users to click on hard-to-hit icons and checkboxes by snapping and optionally sticking the cursor to them.

Helpful Tip: As a beginner, first try using Gravity to snap to Buttons. This will make the Close, Minimize and Maximize Control Boxes easier to click on. Once you become more proficient and feel comfortable, you can then use Gravity for Icons, Menus and List Items. Learn more about Gravity and other software features in the SmartNav manual.

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