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The change in season brings exciting times for the assistive technology and ergonomic community. Single Action
Footswitch School is back in session and everyday more students of all ages are using SmartNav in the classroom. This month's newsletter focuses on stories and tools to help you maximize the potential of your SmartNav.

October Accessory Offer
Take complete pressure off your hands and wrists with a footswitch. NaturalPoint's most popular SmartNav accessory, the Single Action Footswitch is the ideal ergonomic solution. The footswitch performs a variety of functions including: left, right and middle mouse clicks. You can also program the footswitch to perform SmartNav custom functions such as pausing the cursor, centering, or activating scroll mode.

*Receive $6 off a Single Action Footswitch during the month of October through NaturalPoint's web store,

The Grid 2 & SmartNav: The Ultimate Communication Solution
NaturalPoint's long-time partner, Sensory Software, offers a communication solution for SmartNav users with limited or unclear speech. The Grid 2 The Grid 2 is a software package providing powerful voice output capabilities, complete with word prediction, picture editor, text messaging, and support for environmental control. By providing symbols and text to build sentences, The Grid 2 used with SmartNav provides a fully accessible PC communication system. The Grid 2 can be purchased in the US from EnableMart and internationally from a Sensory Software dealer.

Featured SmartNav User
SmartNav is an effective communication tool for young children in a variety of classroom and home settings. At age five, Drew is getting off to the right start by using SmartNav with simple computer games. Drew, diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy at age one, is already increasing his SmartNav proficiency by practicing with reflective rings. Watch Drew's video demonstration of SmartNav on his website.

Courage Center The Courage Center's Mind Body Healing Solutions
The Courage Center in Golden Valley, MN has been demonstrating SmartNav for seven years. As a leading rehabilitation center, the Courage Center offers a sports program, in addition to providing assistive technology services. For the last 10 years Matt Sanford, a world leader in adapting yoga to people with disabilities, has been providing an ongoing class to Courage Center participants. Through yoga, Matt's goal is to awaken the mind/body connection, transforming trauma and loss into hope and potential. Learn more by watching this short video clip.

SmartNav 4 SmartNav 4 Upgrade Discount
NaturalPoint continues to offer a SmartNav 4 upgrade discount to all previous SmartNav customers. If you have not received your upgrade discount, contact us with your serial number and we will be happy to explain the details and present you with a price quote.

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