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Help Ned Fight ALS Fighting ALS Through Music

Jazz musician Ned Mann was diagnosed with ALS in 1999, limiting his mobility and potentially ending his music career. After installing SmartNav on his PC, Ned and his band were able to produce Finding My Way Home, a jazz album raising money to fight ALS. Ned used his SmartNav and Pro Tools for all mixing and post production work. All proceeds from Finding My Way Home are being donated to the ALS Association, in hopes of finding treatment and an eventual cure. Purchase Ned's CD and read more about Ned's story at helpnedfightals.org.

Higher Than Superman Life After a Spinal Cord Injury

During a dirt bike accident, 20-year-old Shane Agnew suffered a spinal cord injury between C1 and his skull. The survival rate for spinal cord injuries to this location of the spine is rare. Although Shane can not move his arm or legs, or breathe independently, he is grateful to be alive. His website, Higher Than Superman, offers extensive information about spinal cord injuries, including communication tools such as SmartNav. Shane has created a video demonstrating how he uses the computer with SmartNav. Check out Shane's website to view his SmartNav video and learn more about life after a spinal cord injury.

SmartNav CD SmartNav Software Updates

The latest SmartNav software version 3.20.037 was released on April, 13 2010. Improvements to the software include German and Polish language support, updating Russian language support, improved gaming compatibility, and fixes to minor tracking bugs. For optimum SmartNav performance, Download the latest software from our website at no cost.

All software updates have also been implemented to the Mac version of SmartNav's software. Version Mac OS 10.4 is available through RJ Cooper.

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