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Eye Control Technologies, Inc. Launches NaturalPoint™ trackIR™

Corvallis, OR (March 20, 2001) Today Eye Control Technologies, Inc. announced the launch of their revolutionary family of NaturalPoint trackIR™ cursor control systems. About the size of a webcam, the sleek looking trackIR™ sits on top of a computer monitor, or clips to a laptop screen, and allows users to control a computer’s cursor by simply turning their head or pointing with their fingers.

The trackIR™ system was originally developed as an affordable computer control device for people with physical disabilities such as ALS and quadriplegia, but it is fast becoming a viable mouse alternative for a growing number of ordinary computer users as well. For instance, ergonomics specialists and carpel tunnel / RSI sufferers have shown particular interest in the trackIR™’s potential to alleviate wrist problems associated with prolonged mouse use.

Spirits are high at the company’s Corvallis, OR headquarters, where staff have been inundated with calls and e-mail from curious computer users. "Our vision is twofold”, explains Eye Control Technologies President, Jim Richardson, whose creative inspiration for the trackIR came when Richardson’s cousin was paralyzed in an accident and was left unable to use his computer. “We want to help people with disabilities reach their full potential by providing hands free computer control, but we also want to give ordinary computer users another cursor control option by introducing them to the concept of using natural head motion rather than constantly reaching for the mouse, which hurts productivity and has been shown to cause serious physical problems”.

The trackIR™ comes with a unique software package that allows users to tailor the device to suit their needs. Eye Control Technologies Communication Director Mike Vial feels that this is a real plus. “When we started this project, we realized that the trackIR™ needed to be more versatile and intuitive than any mouse. Our software package is designed to help everyone, from people with disabilities to business professionals, become more productive and have more fun with their computers.”

The trackIR can be purchased directly from the company via it’s website and comes in three configurations: The standard trackIR box set ($99), the trackIR Presenter ($149) which comes with a wand for remote cursor control and clicking, and the trackIR AT for the disability market ($199) which includes hands free “dwell clicking” software.

For more information on the NaturalPoint™ trackIR™, visit, or call 1-888-865-5535.

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