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Corvallis, OR (December 20, 2000) Eye Control Technologies today announced the imminent launch of its NaturalPoint website for online ordering, information, and development. The NaturalPoint name will be attached to a variety of devices geared towards advancing the human computer interface.

"The NaturalPoint site will will be a focal point for our customer base," says Warren Blyth, Art Director for Eye Control Technologies. "We want to offer potential consumers a virtual community where they can learn how NaturalPoint products function, explore their various uses, discuss possible applications and development, and interact with other interested parties. Detailed flash and quicktime movies will demonstrate and explain the wide variety of uses we are planning for the devices. I'm excited to have the freedom to develop a revolutionary website to accompany our revolutionary products."

Warren Blyth graduated from Oregon State University this year with a bachelor's degree in Computer Science, and has already developed web pages for Hewlett Packard, and Mentor Graphics Corporation. He recently redesigned the eye control technologies, Inc. website, and is also overseeing the design of NaturalPoint's packaging, advertisements, and software interface.

"We will be launching an extensive online promotion campaign in the new year, and will function as a clearing house for product information and a meeting place for users." comments Mike Vial, Communications Director for Eye Control Technologies, Inc.

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