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After 20 years of helping people to use their computers more effectively, SmartNav has now come to the end of life as a product.
While we are no longer selling SmartNav directly, we invite you to check with our authorized dealers for available units.

Upgrade today!

Trade In Your SmartNav Today!

NaturalPoint is very proud to announce the immediate availability of SmartNav 4, the next generation of our popular Hands Free Mouse. Major improvements have been made to the hardware and software, including user requested features such as improved light filtering and tracking, longer range (up to 6 feet), three times the resolution, a new aluminum case, improved mounting options (including 1/4-20 thread mounts for standard tripods), detachable USB cable, and many more.

As a service to our dedicated users, we are offering a Trade In program for SmartNav 4. Simply send us an email or give us a call toll free at 1-888-965-0437 (between 9am and 5pm PST) to talk to a SmartNav sales representative about your special price. (You may be asked for the serial number of your old NaturalPoint device, usually located on bottom of the device itself).

Trade Up to a SmartNav 4!

All of the competing devices out there are far too expensive while offering fewer features, performance and customization. So we will also accept our comptetitor's products (or a photograph - You don't have to send us their product) for a Trade Up program.

If you want to Trade Up from something other than an Origin Headmouse or Madentec Tracker One, please mention it during your toll free phone call to 1-888-965-0437 (between 9am and 5pm PST). We know that SmartNav 4 blows these devices out of the water, so please call today to discover the special we have waiting for you when you trade up!

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