5 Accessories
There are several accessories available for your SmartNav unit that are intended to give you more options for cursor control and clicking based on your needs and preferences.

5.1 External Ability Switches
(Only available on SmartNAV EG and AT models)
The Ability Switches allow the user to perform clicking and other functions through the use of hand, foot or sip-and-puff operated switches. The switches are sold separately from the SmartNAV device.

How they work
The SmartNav EG and AT models include a functional stereo Ability Switch jack for built into the back (SmartNav 4) or side (SmartNav 3) of the SmartNav, and a Y-split adapter for connecting two single (mono) switches at once. These switches can be used to perform all normal Hot Key functions.

  1. If open, shut down the SmartNav software.
  2. If using two single (mono) switches, securely plug the Y-split adapter into the SmartNav's stereo Ability Switch jack.
  3. Plug the cable(s) from switch(es) into the jack(s) and place switches in the desired location.
  4. Open the SmartNav software and place a dot on your forehead. Move your head to ensure that the SmartNav unit is tracking the dot properly. Click each switch several times to determine which switch is the one Right and which is the Left.

After determining which is the Right switch and which is the Left switch, experiment with switch placement to determine your optimal set-up. The SmartNav Ability Switch jack and Y-split adapter will work with most switches. So if you already have a switch you like, feel free to try it with the SmartNav.

Switch clicking does not interfere with the SmartNav's other clicking methods. All clicking methods can be used at the same time.

5.2 Rings

How it works
Using the SmartNav Ring you can control your computer's cursor by pointing your finger toward any location on your monitor.

  1. Place the ring on your right index finger if you plan to use your left hand to hit the Hot Keys. Place the ring on your left index finger if you plan to use your right hand to hit the Hot Keys.
  2. The ring should be placed halfway between the first and second knuckles of your index finger.
  3. Place the unit on top of your monitor or clip the unit to the top of your laptop screen and aim it at the keyboard. OR clip the unit to the side of your laptop screen and select 90 degree rotation from the Advanced Settings menu (described in section 2.4) if the unit is clipped to the right side of the screen, or 270 degrees rotation if the unit is clipped to the left side of the screen. The unit can also be placed in front of your keyboard.
  4. Place your ring hand on the keyboard and use your other hand to adjust the SmartNav unit. Adjust the unit until the green indicator light comes on when your ring finger is lifted slightly above the keyboard.

Raise your finger slightly off the keyboard until the cursor begins to move. Move your finger slowly from side to side and up and down to get used to the feel of the cursor movement.

Once you get used to the feel of the cursor movement, try increasing your speed setting. The faster your speed setting, the less you have to move your finger to move the cursor from point A to point B. If you have difficulty moving the cursor to the top, bottom, or either side of the screen, raise your finger slightly off the keyboard and press the center key.

Note: It is advisable to use the Data Window to properly align the SmartNav unit with your finger.