6 Software Updates
In order to better serve your needs we continually update the SmartNav software package. You may download these updates free of charge from www.naturalpoint.com .

To download and install new software, please follow these steps
  1. Go to www.naturalpoint.com and click on the Support link at the top of the page, then go down to SmartNav software.
  2. If the version of software listed for your product is more recent than the version of the software installed on your computer (use the SmartNAV Control Panel : Setup : About button to check your version), then download and save the updated installer file to your desktop or temp folder. If a newer version is not available, then there is no need to update your software.
  3. Disconnect your SmartNav unit from your computer.
  4. Use the "Add and Remove Programs" feature of the Windows Control Panel to un-install your existing SmartNAV software.
  5. Double click on the downloaded installer .exe file to install the new software. After the program icon reappears on your desktop, you may reconnect the SmartNav to your computer and run the updated software.