9 Trouble Shooting
If you are still experiencing difficulty after trying the suggestions in this trouble shooting guide, call 1-541-753-6645 or visit our main website at www.naturalpoint.com or our online forums at forums.naturalpoint.com for advanced customer support.

9.1 Problem : Software loads and runs, but LED indicator light on unit does not come on. OR you receive a message saying: The system cannot find the file specified or the software could not connect with the SmartNav device

Possible Causes
1. Improper software/ hardware installation.
2. Improper unit alignment.

Solutions (98SE, ME, 2000, XP)
If you connected the SmartNav unit before installing the software, do this:

1a. Shut down the software and wait 30 seconds. Unplug the SmartNav unit from your USB port. Then plug the SmartNav back into your USB port, wait another 30 seconds and restart the software.

1b. Right click on My Computer. Go to Properties. Go to the Device Manager. Double click on USB devices. If you see a device listed as SmartNav or TrackIR then this is not the problem.

1c. If you see a device listed as unknown or has a yellow and black "?" next to it, remove/uninstall that device. Disconnect the SmartNav unit and reboot. After system restarts, unplug all extraneous USB devices except the keyboard and mouse. Uninstall the NaturalPoint software.

Reboot two times. When the system restarts the second time, install the software again.
Reboot. After the system comes up, reconnect the SmartNav unit. The camera should now be recognized and the Found New Hardware Wizard should start. Install the software drivers accordingly

2. Click the Advanced Settings button on your SmartNav software screen. Place a dot on your forehead or place the ring accessory on your finger and aim the unit at the object you wish to track. Continue adjusting the unit until a yellow dot appears near the center of the Data window.

Additional Solutions (XP systems only - System Restore)
If step (1c.) did not work, then you can try restoring your system to an earlier time period.
If there are no unknown USB devices in the device manager, unplug the camera and then uninstall the software; otherwise, remove the unknown USB device first, then unplug the camera and uninstall the software.

Click on start/programs/accessories/system tools and click on system restore.
Check the box next to restoring to an earlier point then click next. This will bring up a calendar and a list of restore points. Go to the day before you had your problems and see if there is a checkpoint to restore to. If not, then you will have to back up a day at a time until you find one then restore to that day. This will clear your registry and reset your system to that day. Any installations of software or hardware since this date will need to be reinstalled again.
Once the restore is done and system reboots, unplug all extraneous USB devices. Joysticks, etc... Leave Mouse and Keyboard plugged in.

Reboot a second time.
Now begin the installation of the SmartNav from scratch.
Install the software first. Use the latest version from the download section of our website.
Plug in the SmartNav unit. The found new hardware wizard should start. Follow the Special Windows XP Instructions at the beginning of the manual.

9.2 Problem : Erratic tracking, cursor "jumps" around the screen.

Possible Causes
Interference from another light source.

1. Go into the SmartNav Settings screen / Tracking tab. You should see a green dot in the Data Window. If you see more than one object in this window, or the focus on the green dot jumps from one dot to another, check for mislaid dots in the SmartNav's 30 degree field of view. If there are no other dots in the field of view and the problem persists, check for highly reflective items or direct light sources in the background. Move these objects, move the camera a bit, adjust the light filtering on the Tracking tab or reposition your computer.

2. Go to the Movement tab and adjust the speed sliders toward the left/slower side and adjust the smoothing slider to the right to increase the smoothing.

9.3 Problem : Software loads and runs, and green indicator LED is on, but the cursor does not move.

Possible Cause
1. Key Activated Clicking box is checked.
2. LEDs are turned off.

1. Uncheck the Key Activated box on the Behavior tab.
2. Go to the Tracking tab and make sure the Camera LED's On box is selected.

9.4 Problem : All or some of my Hot Keys will not work.

Possible Causes
Conflict between selected key function and other system properties, or key already selected as a different Hot Key.

Select a different key for this function.

9.5 Problem : Switch Clicking does not work.

Possible Cause
1. Your SmartNav unit is not an AT or EG model.
2. Switches and / or breakout cable not securely plugged in.
3. The SmartNav is not tracking an object.
4. Switches were plugged in without shutting down the software first.

1. No Fix. The standard SmartNav basic model does not recognize switch input.
2. Check all connections. Unplug and securely reattach all male-female connections.
3. Go to the Tracking tab and move a dot back and forth 2' in front of the SmartNav device and check to ensure that the yellow dot in the data window is green. If so, keep moving dot and try switch clicking again.
4. Unplug switches and breakout cable. Shut down software. Reattach switches and breakout cable. Run software.

9.6 Problem : When using the Dwell Clicking feature, the system clicks faster/slower than I would like.

Possible Cause
Dwell Click speed set too fast/slow.

On the Dwell Click toolbar, click on the setting box. (Hammer & wrench). Click on the Dwell tab. Adjust the slider bar marked Click Time (Seconds). This will be saved as your new Dwell Click speed.

9.7 Problem : When using the Gravity feature, the cursor locks onto undesired icons or does not lock onto desired icons.

Possible Cause
Wrong icons selected for Gravity feature.

Click on the Gravity tab. Uncheck the boxes next to the icons that you do not want the cursor to lock onto.

9.8 Problem : None of the speed settings for Ring/Dot feel right.

Possible Cause
Incorrect speed settings.

Click on the Movement tab. Adjust the speed slider bars. Move these bars to the left for slower speeds and to the right for faster speeds.

9.9 Problem : In Dot mode the unit stops tracking me when I move the cursor towards the edges of the screen.

Possible Causes
1. Incorrect speed setting.
2. Improper unit placement.
3. Too much distance between the user and SmartNav unit.

1. Select the next highest speed setting.
2. Click the Tracking tab on the SmartNav software screen. You should see one green dot in the Data Window. Move your head so the cursor travels from one side of the screen to the other. If the green dot in the data window stops moving at any point, reposition the SmartNav unit and repeat the previous step.
3. Try sitting closer to your computer, or move the SmartNav unit closer to you.

9.10 Problem : When I move my head/ring, the cursor moves in a different direction than I do.

Possible Cause
Incorrect Rotation setting.

Click on the Movement tab. Find the Rotation Menu. Make sure that your unit is sitting at the same angle as the SmartNav unit in the rotation window.

9.11 Problem : Cursor movement feels mushy.

Possible Cause
Incorrect Smoothing setting.

Move the Smoothing slider bar to the right.

9.12 Problem : The Zone Alarm software prevents the SmartNAV from working.

Possible Cause
By default, SmartNAV cursor movement and clicking does not work with Zone Alarm running.

The user will need to go into the Zone Alarm Program Control section and click the Programs tab. They can then left click on SmartNAV and allow it to run normally. After that mouse functionality should work.

9.13 Problem : Windows displays an Internet Firewall or Anti-Virus warning about SmartNAV or ViaVoice voice recognition software.

Your internet firewall or anti-virus software may report a warning when installing and activating the Voice Clicking feature of the SmartNAV software. This application does not need the internet to function properly and can be blocked if desired, the Voice Clicking feature does not contain any malicious code. Please proceed with installation and setup accordingly.

Windows Firewall warning

9.14 Problem : You receive an error when trying to enable voice clicking

Possible Cause
SmartNAV Voice Clicking software is not enabled or properly installed

If you receive an error when trying to enable the voice recognition (see Section 4.2.3 for how to enable speech recognition) then the speech recognition has not been installed properly.
  • Verify that the latest version of the SmartNAV software has been installed.
  • If you are installing from CD then make sure you click 'yes' when prompted to install the speech recognition support
  • Make sure the 'Use Speech recognition for clicking and hot keys' is checked under the 'clicking' tab.

SmartNAV Camera

9.15 Problem : Voice Clicking software is properly installed, but Voice Commands are still not being recognized

Possible Cause
Issue with Microphone, or Soundcard Settings in Windows


Once you have verified the latest version of the SmartNAV software has been installed and the voice recognition engine has also been installed, and if you are still having problems here are a few things to try:
  • Verify that the microphone is correctly plugged into the microphone input of the sound card.
  • Verify that the sound card is correctly installed and configured. You can test this with another application that uses sound input like the Sound Recorder program which should already be installed with the Microsoft Windows operating system.
  • You can open the Sound Recorder application from the Start menu. On the taskbar, click Start, then All Programs, then Accessories, then Entertainment (or Multimedia, depending upon the version of Microsoft Windows) and finally, Sound Recorder. When the application window has opened, click the Record button and speak into the microphone. The display in the window should now move in response to your voice input.
  • If the Sound Recorder application doesn't record your voice correctly, open the ‘Volume Control’ and verify the ‘Microphone In’ is not muted. If this does not help then the sound card may not be compatible you’re your version of Microsoft Windows, it may not be set up correctly, there may be a problem with its software drivers or some other cause. These errors should be corrected before you continue on with the other troubleshooting suggestions. Contact the sound card manufacturer's technical support for assistance, if necessary.
  • For more info on how to troubleshoot problems with your microphone and soundcard settings please follow these steps below:

    Testing Microphone Testing Microphone
    Mic Settings Mic Settings
    Sound Card Settings Sound Card Settings