2 Getting Started
2.1 Minimum System Requirements

  • Windows 98SE, Windows ME, Windows 2000, or Windows XP
  • Pentium 166
  • Five (5) megabytes of of available disk space on your hard drive
  • 24 megabytes of RAM
  • USB connection

If you wish to use the Voice Clicking feature, the Minimum System Requirements are:

  • Windows 2000/XP
  • Pentium 600 MHz processor or faster
  • Sixty (60) megabytes of available disk space on your hard drive
  • 128 megabytes of RAM
  • USB Connection
  • Audio Soundcard with speakers and microphone input jack
  • Microphone or headset
  • SmartNAV Software Version 3.20.028 or higher with Speech Support installer

2.2 What Is Included
SmartNAV Camera
1 Smart-NAV
SmartNAV Camera
2 Rings (EG models by default,
with AT Models on request
SmartNAV Dots
26 Dots
SmartNAV Y Cable
Y-Split Adapter for Switch Input
(AT and EG models only)
Software CD

2.3 Installation

Install the Smart-NAV Software BEFORE you connect the Smart-NAV unit!

2.3.1 Hint for XP users
It is recommended that before installing any new hardware or software program that you set a system restore point. XP provides this feature to allow you to reset your system to a previous state very easily. After the software is installed and everything is working fine, set another restore point. Users that get into the habit of using this feature find they have fewer problems on their computers. The System Restore program can be found by clicking: Start/Programs/Accessories/System Tools/System Restore

2.3.2 Software Installation
NOTE: Windows 2000 and XP users must be logged in as an administrator. If you only have one user set up on your computer, you most likely already have administrator privileges.

  1. Insert the included NaturalPoint software CD into your computer's CD drive. Wait for the install program to start. If the install program does not start within a few minutes, double click on the CD drive icon, and double click again on the Setup file, from your computer's My Computer menu.
  2. Follow the software installation instructions on the screen.
    Note:(Windows may display a warning message about the drivers not being signed. Click YES to accept the drivers, the drivers WILL NOT harm your system.
  3. A new Smart-NAV icon will appear on your desktop.
  4. Connect the Smart-NAV device to the USB port of your computer and place the unit on top of your monitor with the front facing the same direction as the monitor screen.
    SmartNAV Plug USB Cable in
  5. The following are special steps for Windows XP users :
  6. The Windows XP Found New hardware Wizard should appear once you plug in your Smart-NAV .The Wizard will indicate that is has found the NaturalPoint Smart-NAV, and ask if you would like Windows to install drivers for the hardware automatically, or choose from a list of drivers in a specific location.
  7. Select Install Automatically.
  8. NOTE: A Hardware Driver Install Warning message will appear after you have selected Install Automatically. Click on the button labeled "Continue Anyway" and Finish. (This WILL NOT harm your computer).
  9. Windows XP will now display a message indicating that it has finished installing the NaturalPoint Smart-NAV
  10. It is recommended that you restart your computer after installation.
  11. If you encounter further problems with this procedure, please consult the trouble-shooting guide at the end of this manual.

2.3.3 Special Note for XP Users
If you accidentally plugged the Smart-NAV unit into your computer before loading the NaturalPoint software and the camera is not working, unplug the Smart-NAV unit and go through the install procedure as instructed. After completing all of the above steps, go to the windows xp device manager, click on usb devices and look for a listing marked unknown usb device. If this listing appears, right click on unknown usb device and delete it. If the unknown usb device does not appear, you may close the device manager and begin using the smart-nav.

2.3.4 Virtual Keyboard Installation
SmartNAV AT Users looking for the Virtual On-Screen Keyboard. The On-Screen Keyboard is located on the same installation disk as the NaturalPoint software. The executables can be found under the keyboard directory. Double click the My Computer icon from the desktop or open Windows Explorer. Right Click on the CD-Rom drive and then click Open from the drop down menu. Click on the Keyboard folder and then click the CNTzip.exe file to install. To install the Word Prediction program, click the Words.exe file.

2.3.5 Hardware Installation
  1. If your monitor is too far away from your computer for the Smart-NAV's USB cable to reach, simply unplug the Smart-NAV device, plug the USB extension cable into your computer's USB port, and plug the Smart-NAV into the extension cable's female connector.
  2. Your computer may briefly display a message indicating that it is installing the drivers for the Smart-NAV.
  3. Double click on the newly created NaturalPoint icon on your desktop to open the Smart-NAV software program.
  4. Remove a dot from the sheet included with your Smart-NAV unit and place it on the tip of your index finger. With the dot facing the Smart-NAV unit, slowly move your finger back and forth in front of the Smart-NAV unit from about an arms length away. If the green indicator light comes on and the cursor moves along with your finger, you have installed the Smart-NAV unit and software correctly. If the green indicator light does not come on or the cursor does not move, please consult the trouble shooting guide at the back of this manual.

2.3.6 Voice Clicking Installation
NaturalPoint Inc. is proud to announce that the SmartNAV3 Software now features built in voice recognition for command and control. This is a revolutionary new feature that delivers, in one package, the best of both speech recognition and head tracking technology.

For available commands, please see section 3.1.5 (Voice Clicking)
If you purchased the SmartNAV Voice Clicking accessory CD, then you may install the voice recognition package from the CD.

SmartNAV Voice Installation

Insert the SmartNAV CD into your CD-Rom. You may be prompted to uninstall any previous versions, follow the prompts as necessary to uninstall any older versions and run through the standard install procedure. Once setup is complete the software will prompt you: 'Would you like to install Voice Recognition Support for SmartNAV', click yes to proceed. This will launch the installer for the voice clicking software, please follow the prompts to install the software.

SmartNAV Voice Installation

Once the software is installed you can start the SmartNAV software, hook up a microphone and start using Voice Recognition.
Do not plug the microphone into the jack on the SmartNAV. The input jack on the SmartNAV device is for input switches, not microphones.

Your internet firewall or anti-virus software may report a warning when installing the Voice Clicking feature of the SmartNAV software. This application does not need the internet to function properly and can be blocked if desired, the Voice Clicking feature does not contain any malicious code. Please proceed with installation accordingly.

2.4 Smart-NAV Desktop and Laptop Mounting

Setting up the SmartNAV unit on either a desktop or laptop is quick and easy. The horizontal distance between the camera and the the user should be between 2 to 6 feet (61 cm to 183 cm). The vertical position of the camera should be as close as possible to the vertical position of the user.

2.4.1 Desktop Mounting
Simply set the SmartNAV on top of your monitor and point the unit towards your head or face (see picture below).
SmartNAV Camera Placement

2.4.2 Using The Mounting Clip
Using the mounting clip, you can secure the Smart-NAV to any surface, including laptop and flat panel screens. If the Smart-NAV is removed from your monitor, the clip lets you slip Smart-NAV exactly back into the perfect position you've already set up.
  1. Place the Mounting Clip on your Smart-NAV.
  2. Remove the thin paper backing from the sticky area on the bottom side of the Clip.
  3. Position the Smart-NAV where you want it to stay, and press down firmly on the Clip.
  4. The Smart-NAV can now be removed from the Clip, and reinserted, but the Clip will stay in the exact same place and tightly hold the Smart-NAV still.
  5. SmartNAV Mounting Clip

NOTE : It is best to fully install the software and test the Smart-NAV a bit before deciding where to apply the mounting clip. This way, you can see your position in the Smart-NAV's camera while applying the mounting clip.

The mounting clip is usually used on top of monitors, so that the Smart-NAV has a rigid position it can be placed into. This is especially useful if you are using a flat panel screen that is too thin for the Smart-NAV to sit on, or too thick for the 3 point spring metal base to be squeezed around (2 inches thick is an approximate limit).

You can also use the Mounting Clip on the Smart-NAV's 3rd leg, to hold it tightly up against a vertical surface. This is helpful for users who are worried about squeezing the spring steel base onto their laptops. When applying the Mounting clip in this way, make sure it is snug against the Smart-NAV's plastic H-axle mount, as the Smart-NAV will slide down to this point if you place it lower on the leg.

2.4.3 Alternative Laptop Mounting
The Smart-NAV can be easily and securely clipped onto most standard laptop screens without any additional equipment.
  1. Grasp the metal base and use your other hand to pull the Smart-NAV unit up and away from the base. Then, turn the metal base in its hinge so it forms a T shape when looked at straight on (See picture below).
    SmartNAV Laptop Mounting 01 SmartNAV Laptop Mounting 02
  2. Bend and hold the two shorter arms of the base together about 1" in the same direction as their natural curve. With the Smart-NAV unit facing the same direction as your laptop display screen, clip the metal base on by placing the long arm of the base behind the screen and the two shorter arms on the front. Don't worry about bending the base, it is made from spring steel and will snap right back into shape. (See picture below)
    SmartNAV Laptop Mounting 03 SmartNAV Laptop Mounting 04
  3. C. Pivot the Smart-NAV unit on its hinges so it's lined up properly with your head.