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TrackIR Changes Everything ::
Experience real time 3D view control in video games and simulations just by moving your head! The only true 6DOF head tracking system of its kind. TrackIR takes your PC gaming to astonishing new levels of realism and immersion!

The TrackIR 4:PRO is NaturalPoint's premium product - the best optical headtracking system available.

Put Your Head In The Game!®
  • Wider 46° Field of View

  • Hyper Fast 120 FPS
           Sample Rate

  • Smaller Sleeker Design

  • Resolution Doubling

  • Vector Technology

    Price : $ 99.95

    Product Comparison
    How TrackIR Works
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    TrackIR 5
    TrackIR 4:PRO
    TrackClip PRO
    Vector PRO

    TrackIR 5 plus TrackClip PRO. Experience real-time 3D view control and make your headphones an input device.  $184.90

    The best headtracking game controller ever designed. Precisely control your in-game view with your actual head movement.

    Our time-tested TrackIR 4:PRO plus TrackClip PRO. Experience real-time 3D view control with your headphones.  $134.90

    $ 169.95  Buy Now  
    $ 149.95 
    more info > >
    $ 119.95  Buy Now  

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