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The extremely capable TrackIR 4:PRO set a new standard for head tracking, and the best just got even better. NaturalPoint has completely redesigned the TrackIR 4:PRO from the ground up to deliver an amazingly robust device and the basis for great new heights in the years to come.

This page explains the exact upgrades that have raised the bar in the TrackIR 5.

See TrackIR 5 vs. TrackIR 4 comparison chart below.

TrackIR 5's wider field of view gives you more room to move around.

View Resolution Comparison Video.

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TrackIR 5
TrackIR 4:PRO
TrackClip PRO
Vector PRO

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TrackIR 5 vs. TrackIR 4 – A Detailed Breakdown

TrackIR 4:PRO
TrackIR 5
TrackIR Model
TrackIR 4
TrackIR 5
$ 99.95
$ 149.95
Head Position Tracked
6 Axes (6 DOF)
6 Axes (6 DOF)
Horizontal Field of View
Sample Rate (FPS)
Raw Sensor Resolution
355 x 288 *
640 x 480
Sub-pixel Resolution
1/20th pixel
1/150th pixel
Reporting Resolution
7,100 x 5,760
96,000 x 72,000
Resolution/Horizontal Field of View Degree
154 subpixels/degree
1850 subpixels/degree
View Resolution Comparison Video
Unit Size (without base)
0.5" deep
1.7" wide
1.1" high
0.57" deep
2" wide
1.5" high
USB Cable Thickness
2.5 mm
2.5 mm

* Subsampled up to 710 x 288 using NaturalPoint's Resolution Doubling Technology.

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