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ArmA: Armed Assault

ArmA: Armed Assault is the new title from the successful Operation Flashpoint line. ArmA offers the ultimate realistic combat simulation experience in a modern day setting. With unprecedented freedom of movement, actions and tactics, the game will allow players to immerse themselves in battle as never seen before.

In ArmA, players will be able to engage in the story-driven single-player campaign or take part in huge multiplayer battles with more than 50 players on one battlefield at once. Featuring a vast environment with more than 150 square miles to explore, ArmA: Combat Operations will allow players to pilot or drive more than 30 vehicles, including APCs, tanks, self- propelled anti-aircraft guns, helicopters and fighter planes. The game features an extremely powerful built-in editor, which allows players to create and share complex missions as well as import user-created units and maps.

This game, from the creators of the 2 million+ selling behemoth Operation Flashpoint, features:
  • 400 square kilometres to explore
  • 20 mission singleplayer campaign
  • 15 multiplayer missions
  • 2 players cooperative gaming mode
  • 40+ realistic weapons from modern battlefields
  • 2-5 kilometres view distance
  • 30+ battle vehicles including APC's, tanks, boats, helicopters and fighter planes
  • 100+ players on one battlefield in join in progress multiplayer battles

December 21, 2006 update: Bohemia Interactive has released a playable multiplayer demo for Armed Assault, allowing you to try out their military shooter online. The demo covers only a small part of the full game: cut down part of the Sahrani main island of the game, 3 multiplayer missions (Cooperative (1-8 players), Capture the Flag (1-16 players) and Capture the Island (1-60 players) and selected units, vehicles and weapons.

Download multiplayer demo of ArmA: Combat Operations or ArmA: Armed Assault now!

This game was released across Europe on February 16, 2007 (as "ArmA: Armed Assault"), and was released in North America on May 1, 2007 (as "ArmA: Combat Operations"). Buy ArmA: Combat Operations or ArmA: Armed Assault.

February 28, 2007 update: Atari, Inc. one of the world’s most recognized brands and third-party video game publisher, today announced that it will publish ArmA: Combat Operations, Bohemia Interactive’s newest military title for the Windows platform in May 2007. The game is also being published in Europe under the name ArmA: Armed Assault.

Supported D.O.F:
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TrackIR Usage in Game Videos

ArmA's View Distance Fixes using TrackIR - dslyecxi.com  TrackIR Fan Film/Review
Description: Video shows TrackIR usage in a Harrier, based on the new view distance fixes BIS recently did in the ArmA beta.
Author: Dslyecxi - 3:35 - Posted: 2007/03/14

Huge: 640x480 - 36.5MB - .wmv
(Download Video)

Large: 425x350 - YouTube - .flv
(Watch YouTube Video)

ArmA's Freeaim Ironsights with TrackIR - dslyecxi.com  TrackIR Fan Film/Review
Description: Video shows Armed Assault's Freeaim Ironsights using TrackIR 4:PRO and TrackClip PRO.
Author: Dslyecxi - 1:25 - Posted: 2007/03/01

Huge: 640x480 - 12.5MB - .wmv
(Download Video)

Large: 425x350 - YouTube - .flv
(Watch YouTube Video)

Armed Assault Video featuring TrackIR  TrackIR Fan Film/Review
Description: An infantry combat video that shows the situational awareness you get from using TrackIR in Armed Assault and how immersive it can be.
Author: Rg - 7:48 - Posted: 2006/12/17

Large: 425x350 - YouTube - .flv
(Watch YouTube Video)

Armed Assault using TrackClip PRO - dslyecxi.com  TrackIR Fan Film/Review
Description: Video shows the Armed Assault flight model with an inset of the TrackClip PRO headset clip being used with TrackIR 4:PRO.
Author: Dslyecxi - 6:26 - Posted: 2006/12/14

Large: 640x480 - 32.8MB - .wmv
(Download Video)

Armed Assault - dslyecxi.com  TrackIR Fan Film/Review
Description: Armed Assault footage includes an inset video of what it looks like to control the view with your head using TrackIR 4:PRO.
Author: Dslyecxi - 6:04 - Posted: 2006/11/24

Large: 640x480 - 37.6MB - .wmv
(Download Video)

Armed Assault TrackIR Video, Part II  TrackIR Fan Film/Review
Description: The second video showing off some of the more advanced features of TrackIR in Armed Assault. Demonstrates the 4 degrees of freedom currently working in the game.
Author: James Carey - 2:49 - Posted: 2006/07/26

Huge: 720x576 - 25.0MB - .wmv
(Download Video)

Armed Assault TrackIR Video, Part I  TrackIR Fan Film/Review
Description: Showing off some of the things you can do with Naturalpoint's TrackIR head tracking system. This first video was made with the TrackIR 3 and shows the basic head movements.
Author: James Carey - 1:41 - Posted: 2006/06/15

Huge: 720x576 - 16.7MB - .wmv
(Download Video)

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