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Experience the thrill of being a fighter pilot and play Lock-on Modern Air Combat as it was really meant to be played. Lock-on Modern Air Combat combined with the TrackIR takes combat flight simulation to new heights, delivering the most realistic, immersive pilot interaction imaginable.

TrackIR helps you find your enemy quickly and stay locked on to them, by linking the game's point of view to where you're actually looking. See's who's sneaking up on your flank. "Checking your 6" is suddenly intuitive and you'll find yourself wondering how you ever got by without the TrackIR.

(But don't just take our word for it, read what the pilots are saying)
6 DOF Head Tracker for PC Gaming
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$ 149.95  

TrackIR 5 and TrackClip PRO

$ 169.95   Buy Now  

6 DOF Head Tracker for PC Gaming
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$ 99.95  

NaturalPoint Product Videos
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LOCK ON : M.A.C. - TrackIR Enhanced!
Author: Wayne (NaturalPoint) - 03:02 - 7.14 MB - .wmv
(right click to download)
Description: A fine example of TrackIR Enhanced mode in Lock On : Modern Air Combat, with a second camera to show how much you actually have to move your head.

Lock On #2
Author: Glenn(Mr.Mudd) - 10:48 minutes - 24MB - .wmv
(right click to download)
Description: Hammering targets amidst rolling green hills.

Lock On -Super Sonic Strike
Author: Glenn(Mr.Mudd) - 03:59 minutes - 26MB - .wmv
(right click to download)
Description: Mr. Mudd's 1st Lock On video

Tips Tab
1. Download the latest Ubisoft patch...
The latest update from Ubisoft is available at ubi.com.

NOTE: You must uncheck the box for "cockpit mouse option" to enable TrackIR to work! This can be found under Options/Cockpit of the LO-MAC settings screen.

A few users have found that TrackIR will not work after updating LO-MAC with the latest patch. If the LO-MAC configuration file has been altered then this must be returned to the default for TrackIR to work. Please refer to our LO-MAC Forum for details.

2. Possible Modman Problems
Please note there are known compatibility issues with Lock-On's modman. It may interfere with TrackIR's abilities.

A profile is a collection of settings for the TrackIR. You will find a variety of profiles that can be used with this game, in our community section.
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