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Take control of five authentic 1950s fighters and bombers, from the agile Russian MiG 15 to the awesome American F86 Sabre. MiG Alley takes you to the very heart of the bloody Korean conflict with mini campaigns to full scale offensives, as well as a fully dynamic battle system. The entire ground offensive push depends on your prowess in the air. One of the fastest, most graphic, action-packed historical flight sims around, MiG Alley is a battle of tactics, skill and, above all, nerve.

This Korean War flight sim was released by Rowan Software. Rowan also developed other popular flight sims including Dawn Patrol, Flying Corp, and Battle of Britain. Rowan was acquired by Empire Interactive in 2000. Official MiG Alley support information can currently be found at Interplay Entertainment. You may also find the Battle of Britain and MIG Alley Developer Group a useful resource; MiG Alley 0.80 is available for download there.

Experience the 6DOF with TrackIR today (see Tips below)!

Supported D.O.F:
01 - Yaw 02 - Pitch 03 - Roll 04 - X Translation 05 - Y Translation 06 - Z Translation

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Tips Tab
The instructions for enabling TrackIR support in MiG Alley are below:
  1. Install the game from the CD.
  2. Install the MiG 1.23 patch from Interplay Entertainment. MiG 1.23 patch mirror.
  3. Install this beta patch: mig_085_f2.rar
  4. Once both patches have been installed, launch TrackIR software.
  5. Load MiG Alley.
  6. Click "Preferences."
  7. Click "BDG." If you have the 6DOF expansion you will want to turn on this support as well. Edit a file called "BDG.TXT" in the game folder, usually: C:\rowan\mig
    Edit the line: TRACKIR6DOF=OFF to ON
    Save the file and now 6DOF support is fully enabled.
  8. Check the box next to TrackIR.
  9. Enjoy the game now with TrackIR support!
A profile is a collection of settings for the TrackIR. You will find a variety of profiles that can be used with this game, in our community section.
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