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Rise of Flight

Rise of Flight
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Rise of Flight: The First Great Air War, developed by Neoqb (and formerly titled WWI: Knights of the Sky), is an exciting release in combat flight simulation. This title has full 6DOF TrackIR support, incredibly detailed aircraft, excellent graphics and damage models, and a classic story about the time when combat aviation was born. The game world is the world of the military Europe of 1917-1918. One of the most important parts of this conflict was the war for air domination.

Player will choose a side to participate in the battle (Austria with Germany; or Allies, represented by France, Great Britain, Italy, USA and Russia). The following missions will be available: correction of artillery fire, battle reconnaissance, bombers convoy or interception, and dogfights between the most known aces of World War I.

Such aircrafts as Fokker D.VII, SPAD 13, Albatros D.V, Nieuport 28 are represented in this combat flight simulator. Rise of Flight was released in June 2009.

Supported D.O.F:
01 - Yaw 02 - Pitch 03 - Roll 04 - X Translation 05 - Y Translation 06 - Z Translation

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Description: WWI: Knights of the Sky is the working title for this exciting debut from the Gennadich Team, with full 6DOF TrackIR support.
Author: VikS - 3:01 - Posted: 2007/04/20

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