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OptiTrack Product Line and SDK ::

For any optical tracking projects that aren't related to commercial PC Gaming/Simulation products, please review our OptiTrack product line. The OptiTrack SDK allows you to access the tracking hardware and provides several sample applications. The OptiTrack SDK is available as a public download from our website if you would like to review it before purchasing.

(Also, the OptiTrack hardware can be used with the TrackIR software if you still wish to play games and simulations with it.)
TrackIR Product Line and SDK ::

The TrackIR SDK is only available to developers who are producing PC games and simulations that will be sold as commercial products to the public.

Please fill out our TrackIR SDK Request Form to receive the software development kit, or call 541.753.6645 x317 to discuss your project.
Game / Simulation SDK


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TrackIR vs. OptiTrack Comparison Chart ::

Please review the matrix below to determine which SDK is most appropriate for your project.

(Get SDK)
(Get SDK)

Limited to commercial game development  YesNo

Access to 6DOF data
(X, Y, Z, Roll, Pitch, Yaw)
Access to tracked marker locationsYesYes
Interfaces to multiple camerasNoYes
API interface methodDLLDLL
Includes C++ samplesYesYes
Requires TrackIR software to be running  YesNo

Requires signed license agreementYesNo
Free download from our websiteNoYes
Provides tracking and smoothingYesYes
Provides scaling (w/adjustable profiles)  YesNo

Works with OptiTrack camerasYesYes
Works with SmartNav camerasYesYes
Works with TrackIR camerasYesYes

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