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After 20 years of helping people to use their computers more effectively, SmartNav has now come to the end of life as a product.
While we are no longer selling SmartNav directly, we invite you to check with our authorized dealers for available units.

SmartNav 3
SmartNav 3:AT


This Product Has Been Discontinued
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One button ability switch
(2" diameter x 0.75" tall).

Our petite Click Switch accessory plugs into the EG and AT SmartNAV devices to provide remote clicking capability. Merely 2 inches wide with a 5 foot cord, the circular switch can be placed on any flat surface and is easy to hit. Enjoy full mouse emulation by pairing a second switch (for right clicking) with your first (for left clicking) via a Y Breakout Cable.

NOTE: A Click Switch is not included as part of this SmartNAV package. "External switch input" just refers to the capability to plug an external switch into the Smart-Nav AT.

Only available for use with EG and AT packages.

Single Action Foot Switch
This is a front hinged pedal, of high quality design including a nice textured surface. When combined with the SmartNAV EG and AT packages you have a winning combination.

This single action pedal provides more comfort and control than any other foot pedal on the market. Using SmartNAV control software this pedal can be re-programmed to perform a variety of functions including; normal left, right and middle mouse clicks, or use our custom functions such as pausing the cursor, centering, or activating scrolling mode.

This single action foot switch can only be plugged into the EG and AT SmartNAV devices. A self-adhesive, hook & loop tab is provided to anchor the pedal to the floor if desired.

(3.5" wide x 2.5" long x 1" tall. 9.6 foot cord).

We offer a 30 day money back guarantee, so why don�t you give the SmartNAV and Pedal combo a try today?


The ErgoClick USB Palm Switch, in combination with the SmartNAV hands free mouse, allows you to have complete computer control without the need to ever lift a finger. Use your left palm to click, while using the SmartNAV for cursor control - it's that simple.

The ErgoClick uses your left palm to perform left, right and double mouse click actions. Slight movements of your palm in different areas will generate the clicks - no strain at all! The ErgoClick also has a unique feature which is not available in any other keyboard or traditional mouse currently on the market : an adjustable clicking force.

Get relief from the pain of repetitive strain today with the SmartNAV and ErgoClick!

Y Breakout Cable
The SmartNAV EG and AT packages include a Y Breakout cable for attaching 2 separate ability switches. Each leg of this cable is 8.5" long.

Similar cables often retail for $25 dollars or more, but ours comes free with the SmartNAV EG and AT packages.

Only works with EG and AT models.
Not sold separately.

Each sheet includes twenty 1/3 inch (7.5 mm) diameter dots and six 1/2 by 1/2 inch squares. When you order a SmartNAV system, one sheet is included in the box. When you order this accessory separately, two sheets are included and cost 6 dollars total.

Extra dots are useful for attaching to other items like glasses, hats, microphone booms or even your forehead. Our dots use a cloth backing (instead of a flimsy sticker backing) so they should last 6-12 months depending on use. Heavy users may want to stock up!

Our flexible rubber Rings fit easily on your finger, and have a reflective crown. The SmartNAV Ring lets you control your computer�s cursor without taking your hands off the keyboard.

When you slip on the Ring, the Smart-NAV follows your finger, allowing you to perform all typical mouse functions by simply aiming your finger at any point on your monitor screen and clicking with your user defined Hot Keys. One size fits all, adjustable.

Raw Material
1 foot long by 1" wide strip of raw 3M reflective material can be fashioned into a variety of custom shapes to meet your individual needs.

You can create custom hats or headbands to use (instead of a dot) by simply cutting out the proper shape and sticking it to a headset or other objects. Wrapping the material around a small ball works well in many situations.

SmartNAV Hat
This stylish and functional flight-style hat removes the need for reflective targets. With built-in tracking surfaces on the brim and back, the SmartNAV Hat improves the ease-of-use and accuracy of your Smart-NAV. Most people really like using this high quality hat to carry their reflective material. Hats put the reflective material a couple of inches in front of your forehead, which accentuates the movements of your head.

The hat comes in black with light grey trim and tracking surfaces on both the front and the back. One size fits all, adjustable.

Monitor Mount
A rigid black plastic mount to secure your SmartNAV to any surface. (sold in pairs)
1.125" wide by 1" deep by 0.25" tall.

To apply: place a Monitor Mount on your SmartNAV's metal base, remove cover from sticky area on bottom side of the mount, position SmartNAV where you want it to stay, and press down firmly on the mount. SmartNAV can be removed from the mount, and reinserted, but the mount will stay in the exact same place until removed.

1 Monitor Mount is included in the SmartNAV box, and you can purchase 2 at a time if you would like more.

SmartNAV Voice Clicking
The SmartNAV software can now be ordered with built-in voice clicking. This is a revolutionary new feature that delivers, in one package, the best of both speech recognition and head pointing technology. Voice activated clicking allows you to issue mouse clicks and commands by speaking to your computer. Simply say �left click� and a left click will be performed. This powerful feature makes the SmartNAV more intuitive to use than ever. This feature does not come with any other hands free mouse, or virtually hands free mouse package and we hope you enjoy using it!

Available Commands:

Left down - left button down
Left up - left button up
Left click - left button down and up
Right down - right button down
Right up - right button up
Right click - right button down and up
Middle down - middle button down
Middle up - middle button up
Middle click - middle button down and up
Double click - left button up/down twice
Enter � presses the enter key
Precision - start / stop precision mode
Scroll - start / stop scrolling
Pause - start / stop pause mode
Center - center the cursor (said only once)
Activate - used in key activation mode to start / stop mode

Note: These speech commands can be easily modified to be whatever word you would like to speak (i.e. 'Left Click' can be made to be just 'Left').

*Note: Voice Clicking will only work with SmartNAV3 hardware.

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