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Competitor Breakdown

More Than Just A Mouse

The Advantage is in the Software

SmartNav uses only about 3% of your computer processing to track and accurately place the cursor. Competitors need to put all the "smarts" in the device. This leads to costly, power-hungry large devices.

With software processing on your computer you get the benefits of a flexible solution. Upgradable and fully customizable.

You can be confident that the SmartNav will work in the most challenging environments. SmartNav is designed to be a full computer control solution, perfect for demanding applications like graphic design, and reliable in any lighting environment. With an industry leading price point and the most advanced feature set available, the SmartNav cursor control solution stands above the rest.

For an overview of SmartNav 4:AT and 4:EG model features, visit SmartNav 4 Feature Comparison.

Compare Our Competitors

  A Practical Comparison   NaturalPoint Madentec Origin Instruments
Product Name SmartNav4

Tracker Pro

HeadMouse Extreme
Price $399 to $499 $995 $995
Included Software      
� Dwell Clicking Yes
(AT Model)
- -
� On-screen Keyboard Yes
(AT Model)
- -
Hardware Features      
� Cursor Update Rate (FPS) 100 FPS between 80 and 125 FPS 48 FPS
� Camera Resolution 1280 x 480* Adaptable Unknown
� Field of View (FOV) 51.7° 45° Unknown
� Single USB Connection Yes Yes Yes
� External Power Required No
(1.7 watts via USB)
(1.2 watts via USB)
(1 watt via USB)
� Switch Input (3.5mm) Yes Yes Yes
� Weight 2.2 oz
(w/out cable)
4 oz.
(w/out cable)
3.5 oz.
(w/out cable)
Software Features      
� Absolute Positioning Yes No No
� Hot Keys for Clicking / Centering Yes No No
� Smoothing Control Yes No No
� Gravity (Snap To) Yes No No
� Separate X and Y Scaling Yes No No
� Simultaneous Mouse Use with Mouse Override System Yes No No
� Sunlight Resistance Yes Yes Yes
� Warranty 1 year 1 year 2 years
� Bulky Headset Required No No No
� Desktop & Laptop Mounting Both Both Both

*  Using NaturalPoint's Resolution Doubling Technology.

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