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After 20 years of helping people to use their computers more effectively, SmartNav has now come to the end of life as a product.
While we are no longer selling SmartNav directly, we invite you to check with our authorized dealers for available units.

PC Gaming!

SmartNav works with any game on the market that uses a mouse.*

Below we have compiled a list of PC games that you can play with head motion alone.

SmartNAV Accessible Gaming
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Billy using his SmartNAV
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Useful Web Resources:

Individual Games:

Video: Head Tracker
Screenshot of video of playing a game with a SmartNAV head tracker - click this image to view the video
This video shows how a game (Plasma Pong) can controlled using a SmartNav head tracker. Follow the image link above to view the video.

More sites will be listed here as we find them. We are attempting to build a list of any and all games that are playable using only your SmartNav.

Please contact us with any suggestions.

* - Whether or not our AT Package's Dwell Clicking software will work with your game depends on the individual title. If possible, it is usually best to run your game in windowed mode, instead of full screen. (When most games run in full screen mode they won't display any other programs that are open, and You need to see the Dwell Clicker to use it.)

PC Gaming with TrackIR

Try the TrackIR Software!
SmartNav is geared towards easy cursor control, but you can also download NaturalPoint's TrackIR system software free of charge (TrackIR is geared towards view control in certain 3D games). All TrackIR software will work with your SmartNav system, but TrackIR systems can not use the SmartNav software.

SmartNav users can have both of these great products' programs installed at the same time! This dual-use option is an added bonus for SmartNav users.

What is the TrackIR?
We've developed a separate slimmed down product that is focused on interacting with popular games, and we call it the TrackIR. TrackIR software us geared towards controlling your field of view in a 3D environment instead of controlling the mouse cursor.

Support for TrackIR's software is being built into more and more popular games each month. Being "built in" (or what as we call "TrackIR Enhanced") offers you more control options and sometimes means you can use our device as well as your mouse. These are all options for the TrackIR system, which has its own website,

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