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After 20 years of helping people to use their computers more effectively, SmartNav has now come to the end of life as a product.
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Magazine Reviews
Reviews of Smart-Nav have appeared in dozens of magazines all over the World. Click an image to download a large .gif graphic of these select reviews:

I am an ALS patient. Three days of training were enough to do all that I need on the computer with my new SmartNav4:AT Just a single word about my SmartNav4:AT: fantastic!
- Humberto, Brazil
(August 2008)

"My friend Sandy, was able to speak his first words in a long time, via laptop computer, with the help of the Smart-NAV this afternoon...He simply said, "About Time" He was getting frustrated with other devices but he is smiling now."
- Roger Marcoux

"Thank you for such a great product. My wife has ALS and has lost the ability to type with her hands. We bought a product called Miracle Mouse that was too big and bulky on her head and had problems with her laptop. We returned it and found the SmartNav AT package.

This has been the single most important purchase since her power wheelchair, it is great. It has given her the freedom to communicate again and now that she is losing her voice, it means that much more to her. It opens up so many more possibilities for her.

I thank you folks at NaturalPoint for giving us a product that works great and doesn't cost us an unreal amount of money to buy.
- Lee Graber, OR

"To the staff at Natural Point. I received the replacement of the Smart Nav. Thank you very much for your promptness on this matter. I have ALS and this is my source of communication. When I received the original Smart Nav my wife had a question about the installation. When she contacted you, the Representative was so nice and courteous. He was very patient and talked her through the process and got her questions answered. When we were experiencing problems this time the rep (who was a different person) was equally nice, courteous and concerned. For someone who has to depend on others for everything, it is very comforting to know that people like you still exist in the world.

Thanks Again.
- David Zills, AL

"I want to thank you for taking the time to demonstrate the Smart-NAV to our ALS support group. As I told the group, although I already own a much more expensive competitive product, I was frustrated dealing with all the cords when using it with my new laptop and by the fact that I could only install the associated dwell cursor program on one computer at a time. As a result of my frustration, I recently borrowed a Smart-NAV from our local augmentative communication center to evaluate. I didn't expect it to work as well as my more expensive system but was hoping it would work "good enough" to be usable. Boy was I shocked to find that the Smart-NAV worked as well, and in most respects better, than the system I was using! The following are my perceptions of the main advantages of the Smart-NAV over the competitive head controlled mouse systems I have tried:
  • Costs $200, not $1000 to $2000 like competitive systems.
  • No power cord to contend with. Simple one cord connection.
  • The Smart-NAV was extremely easy to setup, learn and get accustomed to using (less than 30 minutes).
  • No software license to hassle with during installation. No phone call to get an unlock code.
  • I could install the software on both my desktop and laptop making it easy to switch the Smart-NAV between machines.
  • Sensitivity can easily be adjusted via the software independent of the regular mouse.
  • The Smart-NAV can easily be turned on and off via software.
  • Your website has a fantastic user forum in which company employees regularly participate.
  • The product works great!
Please give my thanks to everyone at your company for creating such a superior product at such an affordable price. You have really done a great service to the disabled community. Keep up the good work."
-Steve White

"Who is the one who created this program? I would like to shake his hand. You helped my brother, who has ALS and cannot speak and who can barely move, talk again-through his computer. Talk. Interact. Make decisions. Convey his feelings and his love. Be human again.

From the core of my being, I am grateful and I send you that handshake along with a tearful hug. I love what you did. If you ever wanted 'to change the world' for the good, you did it. I know God is the creator of all good things, and so He worked through you. Thanks for being that lightning rod for us. And for all others in the same predicament. If you give God the glory, you will know about the truth everyone is seeking. It's all Him.

Thanks. Thanks. Thanks"
-Rachel Toth, CA

"I want to congratulate you on a great product. The price is right! I got the Smart-NAV for my daughter, she is in a rest home, she has been there for over twelve years. Her problem is ALS, when she first got the disease we bought her a computer which she enjoyed very much.

Now she can't move or talk, You can see why the Smart-NAV was such a good buy . We placed the button on her forehead but she couldn't move her head enough, so we placed the button on her lower lip, between the movement of her head and lip she gets enough movement. Now she can make Hallmark cards for Xmas! Merry Christmas. "
-W.D. Langdon

"Two days ago i got Your IR-Track-Mouse (sic) and I am very pleased to found this product. It is wonderful and gives me new applications for 'high disabled' patients. The low price is very good for those patient with less money or without any insurance paying for them."
-Pius, Switzerland

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