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After 20 years of helping people to use their computers more effectively, SmartNav has now come to the end of life as a product.
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Magazine Reviews
Reviews of Smart-Nav have appeared in dozens of magazines all over the World. Click an image to download a large .gif graphic of these select reviews:

This is a terrific product. I've been using it daily, both at work and home, for all of my computer activities. It has helped enormously in dealing with my repetitive stress injury (severe chronic tendinitis in both wrists). I use it in conjunction with an Apple Magic trackpad. When the use of the SmartNav is too cumbersome, which I'd say is less than 20 percent of the time, I make use of the Magic trackpad. There is no conflict between the two devices; I can use them both simultaneously or interchange frequently between them.

Another thing I've found extremely valuable is augmenting the use of the SmartNav with a foot pedal, which I have programmed to turn it on and off (that is, the foot pedal generates the on/off hotkey sequence). I find this to be incredibly useful in controlling the SmartNav. It allows me to quickly toggle the cursor movement on/off without having to stress my hands on the keyboard.

I wrap the reflective tape around the bridge piece of my work glasses, and leave it there. I only need to put on a fresh piece once a month or so, and that's only because I occasionally wash my glasses. When I leave the office I can easily switch to my outdoor glasses so I don't look odd having a piece of tape on me.

Regardless of whether using the keyboard or the foot pedal, being able to quickly toggle on/off makes the use of the SmartNav a lot easier for me.

- David Martin
Cupertino, California
(December 26, 2012)

There is nothing I need to add to what has been said but I would like to share what I am experiencing. This device has made huge difference to a carpal tunnel issue I have been experiencing with my mouse arm. It has almost gone away completely and I have only been using this for 2 days. The other very interesting, to me, side effect is that I experienced a little difficulty operating this device at first until I started to RELAX and realized how much tension existed in my neck and upper torso. I needed to adjust my seating position to help with this but the upshot is I am much more relaxed and functioning in this Zen like bliss state ......... sliced bread has nothing on this. Heck I prefer to buy uncut French loaves myself.
- Ostin P. Stryjak
Gold Bar, WA
(February 7, 2007)

I started getting carpal tunnel syndrome about 1995, first a stiffness then a soreness in the wrists, particularly the right wrist, my mouse hand. After about five years, it was pretty painful, so I started doing different things to cope. I tried split keyboards, different sitting positions, touchpads, transcription services, and used early voice recognition software called �discrete speech,� which was really pretty lame because you had to� say� each� word� separately.

Some of these tips and tricks I still used today: I have a standup computer terminal (I stand when I am at the computer, with my hands straight down, because it is more comfortable for me); I still wear comfortable wrist braces, for the few times that my hands touch the keyboard; I wear homemade nighttime splints to keep my wrists relatively straight when I sleep (they are made from two balsa wood boards and a couple of old socks--very low tech); I stretch and workout often--swimming is excellent, for fluidity; occasional B-6 helps.

There are three mice on my computer: a touchpad (turned sideways), a one-button mouse used for clicking-only (since I stand, it is directly in front of me, so that I just lean-in to click it--I call it a �belly clicker�), and the most important one--a touchless camera mouse, the SmartNAV, from With these, I navigate virtually hands-free. One version of SmartNAV has a �voice clicking� feature, very helpful.

Microsoft Office Word 2003 has a terrific built-in voice recognition tool called �Speech.� It allows both dictation and menu control inside and outside of Word applications. I occasionally use IBM ViaVoice, and while it is still on my computer and more accurate at speech recognition, Microsoft �Speech� is perfectly good for daily use. Most people don�t even know that it�s on their computer.

I also use the Microsoft Windows On-Screen Keyboard for �belly clicking� certain keyboard combinations and entering key-specific data. There�s also a simple software tool called a �dwell clicker,� which is available with SmartNAV or several places online.

All the software tools and tricks that I use are readily available, and inexpensive. Of course, using them all in combination takes some practice and getting used to.

One thing people always ask me is, �Does all of this make you a faster typist?� and I say, �No, but I can work as fast as you, pain-free. And that�s all that really matters to me.�
- Shawn Stewart
Arlington, Texas
(January, 2007)

I've been working in software for nearly ten years and have had all kinds of tendinitis-like problems with the overused wrists. It's not like I didn't develop all the ergonomic best-practices: I can mouse with either hand, I often switch between thumb mice and normal mice, and I've even made valiant efforts at mousing with my feet. But no alternative mousing tool has been as great as the SmartNAV mouse. I've used it for at least a year and a half, maybe more, and it works as great now as ever. I know it's saved me another trip to the orthopedist, and maybe saved me from having to switch fields all together. Please, don't ever take it off the market!!

Thanks a lot!
- Stuart, Oregon

I am a programmer/IT manager and use my keyboard/mouse heavily all the time, often putting in 12-15 hour work days. I used to go home every day with wrist/arm/shoulder problems in my mouse arm. Since buying this device, I feel great and can work full days with no problem.

It only took a day to get used to the Smart-NAV and I will never stop using it. I have already had two other guys in the office with similar wrist problems express interest.

I have never found a better device to aid my career and comfort than the Smart-NAV. I can't live without it. It is awesome!"
- Maury Hill

I purchased Natural Point hands free mouse about 7 or 8 months ago because I had developed a serious case of RSI. This product is great. It only took me a day or two to master, and now my wrists are nearly back to normal.

If I had known back then how effective it would be helping me to recover while keeping my job (Im a dba/software developer), I probably would have paid a lot more for it.
- Brent Ridenour

I just wanted to tell you guys what a wonderful product you have. I am a writer in public relations. Using a computer is a necessity, but a pain. I have had carpal tunnel for about ten years.

SmartNAV3 is fantastic. This product allows me to work pain-free for the first time in many years. It's simple, reliable and affordable. I use smartNAV3, in combination with several other products, for virtually hands-free computing. It's the first program I turn on everyday.

Thank you for helping me be a better writer.
- Shawn Stewart
Plano, Texas
(April, 2005)

I can't tell you how impressed I am with how much the Smart-NAV has helped me.

I recently developed a very painful case of Tendonitis in both forearms, wrists and hands. This was caused by overuse and bad ergonomic setups at work and home. I do website development full-time during the day and also at home on evenings and weekends. I was forced to drastically cut back my computer time at home and have become less & less able to get through the day at work as this has gotten progressively worse.

Then I saw an article in PC World describing the Smart-NAV. I got one for home, installed it, and after several hours of use was totally comfortable with it. This thing is amazing. For the first time in months I can use my computer without pain. The relief I feel is indescribable. Thanks for making such a great product!!

It has been so effective that I just ordered another one for work! It is my hope that by using the Smart-NAVs in combination with ergonomic changes and more moderate computer use I will be able to continue working while recovering from this nasty affliction

Once again, thanks for creating something which has made such a qualitative difference in my life.
-Richard, New York

I really like the software. It's simple, but it's versatile. You can adjust the motion and responsiveness of it quite a lot, and you can save settings. You can have it work automatically, or you can activate/deactivate it with hotkeys.

Within an hour, I was much much better. I could hit my targets almost all of the time. I continue to improve every day.
-Dan, Canada

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