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After 20 years of helping people to use their computers more effectively, SmartNav has now come to the end of life as a product.
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Magazine Reviews
Reviews of Smart-Nav have appeared in dozens of magazines all over the World. Click an image to download a large .gif graphic of these select reviews:

Outreach coordinator Wendy Lezin shows how patients afflicted with severe MS can communicate, using the latest in hardware and software innovations, including SmartNAV. View the 8 minute MSCS video at YouTube.
(January 25, 2007)

"Independence is struggle in a person's lifestyle with Muscular Dystrophy. There are many activities I can not perform anymore, but the personal computer had potential. Operating a computer without the use of my hands became the problem. Someone had to control the mouse and type on the keyboard for me. Then I discovered the Natural Point system, which allowed me to operate my computer with complete independence. This tool works perfect with the modest head control I have left and I've been using it strong, since November 2001. It had been nearly seventeen years since I had played a video game or operated a stereo on my own.

With SmartNAV I can (without the help of others) surf the web, send and receive email, play games, download music, create audio mixes, print pictures, and was even the DJ for a wedding reception. This system has been dependable and the pointer is amazingly accurate for detailed mouse control. The cost is affordable, the system is really easy to set up and I can't begin to describe how much I enjoy the independence."
- Jon Whitmer
Billings, MT
(November, 2004)

"My 4 year old son Billy has Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type 1, a disease that has minimized his movement and muscle control, leaving him with just the slightest movement in his hands. At just under 2 years old we got our first try on the SmartNAV AT and to this day I can't imagine our life without it. We had tried many other, very expensive, computer input devices which could not work for him. I was skeptical when we were told about the SmartNAV and quite honestly didn't believe it was going to work either. That fear disappeared the very first time we set him up with it. He can play games just as any other child, maybe even better. This has opened his world up so much and has been instrumental in his learning and the pride in his accomplishment is nothing short of amazing. I can't thank Natural Point enough for making such a wonderful product at such an incredibly great price.

Also on his website, there is a short video clip of Billy using his SmartNAV, one of the first times he ever used it. You are more than welcome to check it out. and it's on the 'My Videos' page. Thank you again for taking the time to email me, it's great to know that there are companies who care about what their customers think."
- Lisa Spiegel
Knoxville, TN
(April, 2005)

(Here is a video of Billy using the SmartNAV for one of the first times - 2.32 MB)

"Two days ago i got Your IR-Track-Mouse (sic) and I am very pleased to found this product. It is wonderful and gives me new applications for 'high disabled' patients. The low price is very good for those patient with less money or without any insurance paying for them."
-Pius, Switzerland

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