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After 20 years of helping people to use their computers more effectively, SmartNav has now come to the end of life as a product.
While we are no longer selling SmartNav directly, we invite you to check with our authorized dealers for available units.

Getting Started Guide

Since there can be a small learning curve to using the SmartNav, the following tips and tricks will help get you up and going quickly.

Head Movement

You should not need to move your head much to control the cursor; by customizing the different features the SmartNav can easily deliver a smooth and pixel precise mouse experience. The biggest thing to remember is to remain relaxed and comfortable, do not tense up and try to control the cursor; just sit back and let your small natural head movements do the work for you.

SmartNav Speed

For beginning users the smoothing and speed can be decreased. Start with the speed near the middle (try a setting around 5) and set the smoothing toward the middle of the scroll bar range. Having either set too high is not usually necessary. As you become more comfortable with the SmartNav you can increase the settings, but it helps to start slow. You may also want to try decreasing your screen resolution while you are getting used to the device.


If the SmartNav software is having trouble following your reflective dot then check the tracking tab in the SmartNav software. Look for anything showing up besides your reflective dot. If there are other objects visible then you can use the light filtering option to remove them.

Windows Mouse Settings

More advanced users may want to take advantage of the windows mouse acceleration settings. Beginning users will want to wait until they have more experience since too much acceleration may cause the cursor to 'swim' around.

The Windows settings which affect cursor movement are found under the "Mouse Settings" area in the Windows Control Panel. The precision can be increased by turning on "Mouse Acceleration" or Increasing the "Pointer Accuracy" (the name for the setting depends on the version of Windows). Also try turning up the speed in the Mouse Settings to about 3/4 and then lowering the speed setting in the SmartNav software, this can improve cursor movement on some systems.

Using Hats

Using a hat with a large reflective dot placed on the end of the brim will increase precision by a factor of 2X. The brim of the hat travels a greater distance when you rotate your head than your forehead does, creating more movement for the SmartNav software to use.

Key Activated Mode

Key Activated mode with Key Release Clicking is a very convenient way of using the SmartNav. If you assign the Move action to your CapsLock key then you can simply press this key to engage your mouse control and let up over the item you want to select, then press down again to double click (or drag). This setting, along with other useful hotkeys like "Pause" and "Precision" are located in the Behavior tab of the SmartNav software.

More Information

For more information about using your SmartNav, see the SmartNav manual.

Also, see the Dwell Clicking Tutorial if you are interested in using the SmartNav AT model to perform mouse-click operations.

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